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Unfortunately, pricing any plumbing service without knowing all the details is unrealistic. However, I aim to explain how our pricing model works to help you gain a better understanding.

Costs To Consider

Flat Rate Pricing

We provide fixed quotes for each job, ensuring transparent pricing without hourly charges which Requires a Site Visit.

Service call or Site Visit Fee

The site visit fee ranges from $80 to $150. This fee may be waived if you do not require same-day, after-hours, or weekend service. However, the fee cannot be waived if you refuse the service after receiving a quote from the plumber onsite.

Pay Parking

The client is responsible for providing a parking spot for the technician. Please note that underground parking is not an option.

On-Site Pricing

The Plumber will price the job on-site, before the service starts.

Over the Phone Pricing

In most cases and for most plumbing services, providing exact pricing over the phone is not possible. However, if price is a major concern, I will do my best to provide a price range for the plumbing work. Please note that over-the-phone prices are not accurate and can change once the plumber is on-site.

Minimum Price

Our prices start from as little as $280. The plumber ensures that you receive an estimate for the service before the job starts.

Appointment cancellation policy

For appointment cancellations, we require at least 24 hours’ notice. Please note that same-day services and emergency appointments cannot be cancelled, as a plumber will have already been assigned to your job.

Payment methods

Cash and debit cards are the only accepted forms of payment. Please ensure you have your debit card or cash ready when hiring us, as the plumber on-site will collect payment once the job is completed. We do not accept Credit Cards.