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Plumbing Services

Emergency Repairs

Quick and efficient repair services for all your urgent plumbing needs, available 24/7.

Benefits: Prevents extensive damage, reduces stress, and ensures safety.

Process: Immediate assessment, quick diagnosis, and efficient repair to restore normalcy.

New Plumbing System Installations

Professional installation of new plumbing systems for homes and commercial buildings.

Benefits: Ensures a dependable and long-lasting plumbing system, optimizes water flow and usage, and increases property value.

Process: Consultation, planning and design, expert installation, thorough testing, and follow-up support.

Drain Cleaning

Comprehensive drain cleaning services to keep your pipes flowing smoothly.

Benefits: Prevents blockages, reduces odors, and improves drainage.

Process: Use of advanced tools to inspect and clear blockages, ensuring free-flowing drains.

Fixture Installation

Upgrade your home or office with our expert fixture installation services. Enhance both the functionality and aesthetics of your plumbing fixtures.

Benefits: Upgrades the look and functionality of your plumbing fixtures.

Process: Help you choose suitable fixtures, professional installation, and ensure proper functioning.

Leak Repair

Fast and reliable leak repair services to protect your home from water damage. Our expert team quickly identifies and fixes leaks to prevent costly issues.

Benefits: Prevents water damage and reduces water bills.

Process: Identify leak sources, repair or replace damaged pipes, and test for further leaks.

Pipe Replacement

Ensure optimal water flow and prevent future leaks with our professional pipe replacement services. We use high-quality materials to provide durable and long-lasting solutions.

Benefits: Enhances water flow and prevents leaks.

Process: Assess the condition of pipes, recommend replacement options, and install new pipes with minimal disruption.

Maintenance Services

Regular maintenance to prevent plumbing issues and extend the life of your systems.

Benefits: Prevents major issues, extends system lifespan, and improves efficiency.

Process: Scheduled inspections, cleaning, minor repairs, and performance checks.

The Plumber


Jamal is a master plumber with over 20 years of experience in the Greater Toronto area. Fully certified and insured, Jamal specializes in both residential and commercial plumbing services. His expertise and dedication to quality work have earned him a reputation as one of the top plumbers in the city.

What Our Clients Say

“Jamal provided exceptional service when my kitchen sink was clogged. He was prompt, professional, and affordable. Highly recommend!”

Jane Smith

“I had a major leak in my bathroom and Jamal fixed it in no time. His expertise and friendly service was top-notch.”

John Doe

“The team at Pipewrencher installed a new water heater for us. The process was smooth, and their work was impeccable. Great job!”

Emily Anderson

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